Questions about modifying the FAQ module

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Questions about modifying the FAQ module

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Hi! :)

This is my first post here, so I hope that this is in the right forum. I've skimmed through the forums already, but couldn't find an answer to my question. I'm using OTRS version 3, and would like to make some modifications to how the public FAQ is displayed. There is primarily one thing that I want to do right now:

Just below the CustomerHeader.dtl I would like to show a sort of navigation bar, where all of my root category's subcategories will be displayed. I have tried editing the PublicFAQExplorer.dtl so that <!-- dtl:block:OverviewResultRow --> is rendered just below the header - this kind of works the way I want it to, but as soon as I go into a subcategory my navigation bar empties (since OverviewResultRow has the subcategories of the current category and not the root).

What is the best way of solving this? I have thought of either modifying (but that would be messy and it would be ruined by updates) or of creating my own module that does what I want, but then I don't really know how to call it when the public FAQ is shown.

Thanks in advance!

/ Simon