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OTRS 2.1.1 verfügbar

Post by Andre Bauer » 05 Oct 2006, 10:36

Hauke Jan Böttcher wrote:Dear Community Member,

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Release Note ++++++++++++++++++++++++

OTRS 2.1 (Playa Esmeralda) released - Up to 50 % Performance enhancement

Bad Homburg, 05.10.2006 – A lot of hard work, testing and debugging has been
performed. Now, we are pround to announce the new release of OTRS 2.1, a new
milestone after the successful OTRS 2.0 series. The OTRS Developer Team
achieved an essential performance gain of up to 50% (Searchfunction)
compared to the previous version. On an average basis the total performance
gain is 10%. OTRS 2.1 brings about essential improvements in analysis and
control of all kinds of Helpdesk- and Service Management Activities. Gain
access to a more efficient Service Management with powerfull new Features.

New Feature List:

Stable Support of Microsoft®SQL Server:

The first time OTRS offers an interface to MS SQL Server platforms. That´s
why OTRS supports all popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, UNIX,
Mac OS X etc. as well as all major Databases like MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
MaxDB/SAP, Oracle and DB2.

Multi-Calender Function:

This Feature simplifies working in distributed surroundings. National teams
are supported by permitting different local working schedules and public
holiday regulations. International organiszations are additionally supported
by a time-zone feature.

New Statistics-Framework:

Gain access and define your Reports- and Statistics in a more flexible way
than ever. A powerful and easy to use Wizard will guide you through the
process. Once defined OTRS may deliver periodicaly needed Reports
automatically to a predefined Mailing List. Export- and Importfunctions
allow to transfer Statistics between different OTRS Installations. So you
can define and test your Statistics before loading them up to your
productive System.

Optimized Synchronization of authorizations from LDAP-Directory Services:

That simplifies the connection of all known LDAP-Directory Services like
Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Novell eDirectory, Oracle Internet
Directory, etc. A usefull Features which saves time and effort of
maintaining authorizations in the local Database of OTRS.


OTRS now supports the Output of Reports and Statistics as well as the
results of a ticket search and ticket zoom in the PDF-Format.

New implemented Knowledge Database / FAQ-Module:

OTRS makes allowance for the need of an efficient Knowledge Management
within daily Service Request handling. Fundamental in this context is a
quick access towards existing problem-solving Know-How and standardized
answers. Advantages: optimized search-functions, more effective
administration of FAQ-Articles, faster Navigation and opportunities to rate
an existing FAQ-Article.

Tracking of Sub-orders and Support of hierarchical Team-Structures:

New Features like the „Ticket Supervisor“ and the „Ticket Watchers“ support
working within hierarchical Teams and enable you to define and depute Work
packages temporarily to another Service Agent. While the „Ticket Supervisor“
enables authorized Team members to depute a Ticket to another Service Agent
without loosing the right to edit this ticket the „Ticket Watcher“ allows
you to track a ticket passive on the basis of an individual watchlist.

23 Languages and Unicode UTF-8:

OTRS supports persian language.

Optimized Follow-Up-Detection:

In addition to the subject heading, OTRS also checks for referable ticket
numbers inside the Email-body and further attachments. This new feature aims
to automatically assign an incoming Service Request to an existing Incident
much faster than before.

And many other new features.

Please have a look at the complete list of changes:



The OTRS 2.1.1 is available from the following location:
ftp://ftp.otrs.org/pub/otrs/ (Germany/Hamburg)

A full list of all download mirrors (ftp/http/rsync) is available at

MD5 message digest (128-bit) checksums

70b5055cf3138522b66d2ba505c506fd RPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
ef2a641caf790a20d1e40d34174fe625 RPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
0ea27f988903d141b162aafdfc5ebfab RPMS/suse/9.0/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
4ccc3bc79000dbc71845abe07a5a0608 RPMS/suse/9.1/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
81bdca32f281b9ee95ed1c96f34b5f0c RPMS/suse/10.0/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
6956b58404e10737a750fd0363ed970e RPMS/redhat/7.x/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
e088a5a0b206e0727436e479f3d4c927 RPMS/redhat/8.0/otrs-2.1.1-01.i386.rpm
a0708dcec50fcbb0b15ee544d1de73d1 SRPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
a4549897b4ac36019c4018a85a58d206 SRPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
f7c623adc4fb2a3701bbcd6f851c3317 SRPMS/suse/9.0/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
210b2d8f12affcec08a0e24ffc7c0c97 SRPMS/suse/9.1/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
fda747d57018d65348d7bc7187134426 SRPMS/suse/10.0/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
9fac878fea241972c9dab488d8f017de SRPMS/redhat/7.x/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
70cb9a1d1751d949f960c6e10d778098 SRPMS/redhat/8.0/otrs-2.1.1-01.src.rpm
a536614dee6763c6fb412b3bdd5761d3 otrs-2.1.1.tar.gz
8a92c05e4ece8aa679807d2c62f0b685 otrs-2.1.1.tar.bz2

Important for Upgrading:
For those folks who are using OTRS 2.0 and want to upgrade to 2.1 please
read the UPGRADING and INSTALL files.

Bug Reporting:

Although OTRS 2.1 has been tested before, it is now on you to turn the new
Release inside out. You, the OTRS Community, has always been an
invaluable source of helpful suggestions, fair comments and well skilled
tester to us. Therefore a great "Thank you!" goes out to you!

http://bugs.otrs.org/ (Thanks!)

And now,


Hauke Jan Böttcher
Sales & Marketing Manager

((otrs)) :: OTRS GmbH :: Norsk-Data-Strasse 1 :: D - 61352 Bad Homburg
Fon: +49 (0) 6172 18076 43 :: Fax: +49 (0) 6172 18076 90
http://www.otrs.com/ :: Communication with success!

Prod: Ubuntu Server 16.04 / Zammad 1.2



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