Release Notes: OTRS Help Desk 3.2.1

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Release Notes: OTRS Help Desk 3.2.1

Post by jojo » 29 Jan 2013, 10:29 ... -desk-321/
What's New

Updated Dutch translation.
Added test to check if there are problems with the MySQL storage engine used in OTRS tables to bin/


The new "Customer Information Center" provides a great dashboard-like view on a customer (company). You can see
Escalated, reminder, new and open tickets of the customer company.
Customer users (contacts) belonging to this customer company, with their individual ticket count and shortcuts for creating new tickets for them.
An overall ticket status view of the customer company.
New feature "switch to customer" makes it possible for an agent with the required permissions to look into the customers's panel with their rights.


2.1 Process Management

The new process management makes it possible to represent processes within OTRS.

2.2 Customer Interface Improvements

The customer web interface now fully supports AJAX and ACLs.
It now requires JavaScript and can no longer be used with Internet Explorer 6 or earlier versions.
In the Customer Interface, you can now set the default ticket type for new tickets. Additionally, you can now also hide the ticket type and use a default value for all tickets created via the customer interface.

2.2 Agent Interface improvements

Agents can now search for tickets based on escalation time.
Added possibility to show DynamicFields by default in ticket search.
Screen usage optimizations in the ticket screens. For each ticket screen, the size of the richtext editor can now be configured separately.
It is now possible to move tickets to another queue from within the TicketAction dialogs (TicketNote, TicketClose etc.) after activating a configuration option. This is turned off by default.
Ticket search will now directly jump to the ticket zoom screen if only one ticket was found.
Added the ability to hide the Article Type from TicketActionCommon-based screens which can be helpful to fit more data in the browser window.
There is a new out-of-office dashboard widget that lists all currently unavailable agent colleagues.

2.3 Administration Improvements

Event Based notifications can now be sent out only for specific Article Sender Types.
The Statistics engine in OTRS now understands 'Weeks' in addition to days, months and years. This means you can for instance now create a report for tickets 'created last week', or generate a report that shows created tickets per queue per week.
It is possible to place customized DTL (template) files in <code>Custom/Kernel/Output/HTML</code>, so that they override the system's default DTL files just as how this already works for Perl files.
In AdminSMIME it is now possible to display human readable certificate contents.
SysConfig now supports config setting types Date and DateTime.


3.1 Improved Ticket Archiving

When tickets are archived, the information which agent read the ticket and articles can be removed, as well as the ticket subscriptions of agents. This is active by default and helps reduce the amount of data in the database on large systems with many tickets and agents.
There is also a new script to remove this data from existing archived tickets.
Archived tickets are now always shown as 'read' by the agent

3.2 Performance Improvements

Session management is up to 10 times faster, especially with many active users.
It is now possible to limit the number of concurrent agents and/or users to avoid server capacity overload.
Greatly reduced the number of executed database statements in ticket overviews and ticket masks in agent and customer frontend.
This will reduce the load on database servers, especially on large systems. In some cases OTRS will become visibly more responsive (if the system was slowed down by the DB load or latency).
Improved performance of LDAP user synchronization.
Improved cache performance with many cache files.


4.1 FAQ Connector for the Generic Interface

It is now possible to access the data of the FAQ module (OTRS knowledge database) via web service (GenericInterface). This can be useful to embed FAQ articles on your company website, for example.

Important for Upgrading

From OTRS 3.2.x:
Make sure you run <code>bin/</code> after the upgrade so that the configuration is refreshed. Otherwise the system may not work.
Please note that for upgrades from 3.2.0.beta1, an additional database upgrade step is needed (see UPGRADING)!
From OTRS 3.1.x: Please read the UPGRADING and INSTALL files for detailed instructions.

Known Issue:

In certain versions of MySQL running with InnoDB a problem during the database upgrade might occur. We are working on a fix for 3.2.2. For a workaround have a look at
Bug Fixes

Bug#9082 - Process Management: Wrong popup redirect handling to Process Path from TransitionAction.
Bug#9065 - Process Management: Service and SLA fields are always shown in ActivityDialogs.
Bug#9054 - Link Object deletes all links under certain conditions.
Bug#9059 - Process Management: transition actions module field too short.
Bug#9066 - ProcessManagement: edit links not displayed in popups.
Fixed an issue where default values would be used erroneously for ActivityDialog fields where a value was already present.
Bug#9052 - Accordion is reset after submitting a popup.
Bug#9067 - New process ticket: state selection empty after AJAX reload.

The detailed ChangeLog can be found at: ... iew=markup.
Browser Support

JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

These browsers are not supported:

Microsoft Internet Explorer before version 8 (for the agent interface)
Microsoft Internet Explorer before version 7 (for the customer interface)
Firefox before version 4
All versions of Netscape

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.
Supported Encodings

OTRS 3.2 supports only UTF-8 as internal character set. Non-UTF-8 installations of OTRS must switch to UTF-8.
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