OTRS 2.2.0 RC1 (Ipanema) released

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OTRS 2.2.0 RC1 (Ipanema) released

Post by Andre Bauer » 20 Jun 2007, 11:05

Dear Community Members,

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Release Note ++++++++++++++++++++++++

We are proud to announce OTRS 2.2.0 RC1 (Ipanema) today.
This is the (RC1) Release Candidate 1 of OTRS 2.2. The Release
Candidate mainly contains bug fixes and some improvements as
well as new features. For a complete list see below.

* Bug #1941 - Ticket Escalation blocks QueueView even if Agent has only read

* Bug #1951 - Set default to 'valid' when adding a new AdminService or AdminSLA.

* Bug #1927 - It is no longer possible to uninstall a required package

* Improved Subject: handling to clean out repeated auto inserts (ie. 'Antwort:', '
Re:' ...)
* Improved cache handling to avoid race conditions
* New Feature: Allow OTRS to continue even if a connected LDAP backend becomes
unresponsive (bug #1949 #1950)

* OTRS 2.2.0 RC1 allows to link customers to services and vice versa

Known Issues:
* The link between customer and services will probably not work with large LDAP
backends (will be fixed asap).
* Missing FAQ article about how to convert an old mysql utf8 database running
under OTRS 2.1 to an mysql utf8 database running under OTRS 2.2 (see bug #1906).


o ftp://ftp.otrs.org/pub/otrs/ (Germany/Hamburg)

(a full list of all download mirrors (ftp/http/rsync) is available at

MD5 message digest (128-bit) checksums:
1865196f075ef38cbe741209c4908afc RPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
652d402adb890e99b9415ef236b48365 RPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
461ba12c927cf78c9b42dd3bd00dd918 RPMS/suse/9.0/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
2b6fd53182a0bb225a8262bf2206115d RPMS/suse/9.1/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
a3df08d5cfac801ebe06d762853a7d93 RPMS/suse/10.0/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
7ded3bf89d93dd8ca2772ba44d38e39f RPMS/redhat/7.x/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
5ce544e3176eb3c85566311b00a824ff RPMS/redhat/8.0/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
02bde9c373c625ca750e3b5482340d06 RPMS/fedora/4/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.i386.rpm
d795d47d516217486d687ffef15a34e0 SRPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
9c6c58b3e2580c9e7cbb656afeb7ade8 SRPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
32357ce7b285381d93422f38e32ccdf9 SRPMS/suse/9.0/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
df44e8c68ad22827a9a4c19e1f34245b SRPMS/suse/9.1/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
4fb8b36dda4df5c02d575013d1d0fff1 SRPMS/suse/10.0/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
3b0acea9f5dc0d8c6568740b62351027 SRPMS/redhat/7.x/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
f9d953d1396798f14203c237d118d0af SRPMS/redhat/8.0/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
25bdf5e29072552bc7ac10b90135171b SRPMS/fedora/4/otrs-2.2.0-rc1.src.rpm
8c407d8dd5ec507e0800ec6f01fb1927 otrs-2.2.0-rc1.tar.gz
a6a10c714c1e1164e2ea57dcfc8345ee otrs-2.2.0-rc1.tar.bz2

Important for Upgrading:
For those folks who are using OTRS 2.2.0 betaX and want to upgrade
to OTRS 2.2.0 RC1 please read the UPGRADING and INSTALL files.

Bug Reporting:
Although OTRS 2.2.0 RC1 has been tested before, we appreciate your
contributions and bug reports. You, the OTRS Community, has always been an
invaluable source of helpful suggestions, fair comments and well skilled
testers to us.

Therefore a great "THX!" goes out to you!

o http://bugs.otrs.org/


Hauke Jan Boettcher
Sales & Marketing Director

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