FetchMail bin was not found

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FetchMail bin was not found

Post by zionlook »

Получаю ошибку на почту со следующим текстом:

OTRS Scheduler Daemon Cron: FetchMail

Code: Select all

ERROR: OTRS-otrs.Daemon.pl - Daemon Kernel::System::Daemon::DaemonModules::SchedulerTaskWorker-45 Perl: 5.14.2 OS: linux Time: Sun Sep 25 01:15:09 2016

 Message: FetchMail bin was not found

 Traceback (4031):
   Module: Kernel::System::FetchMail::Fetch Line: 168
   Module: (eval) Line: 147
   Module: Kernel::System::Daemon::DaemonModules::SchedulerTaskWorker::Cron::Run Line: 131
   Module: Kernel::System::Daemon::DaemonModules::SchedulerTaskWorker::Run Line: 259
   Module: (eval) Line: 316
   Module: main::Start Line: 316
   Module: /opt/otrs//bin/otrs.Daemon.pl Line: 138

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Re: FetchMail bin was not found

Post by wurzel »


install fetchmail via linux package management. (apt or yum or zypper...) or compile it.

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