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OTRS Development

Post by sandeep »

I need the companies list who are providing the best OTRS Development services

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Re: OTRS Development

Post by jojo »

you can ask the company behind OTRS, the OTRS Group (www.otrs.com)
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Alexander Halle
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Re: OTRS Development

Post by Alexander Halle »


I moved your topic to the "OTRS Marketplace" which is better suited for your topic. The "OTRS Developers" forum is for people who work on the code or would liek to learn this. sorry, I know this difference is not obvious.

Regardings your question I would recommend to give at least some details like the OTRS version you use, what kind of development you need, how to contact you (via forum ?) and perhaps in which country. This also ensures that you really need development, perhaps users will tell you this can be done via customization.

To find a company you can :
- ask the OTRS company group (http://www.otrs.com/solutions/services/development)
- look for other companies (Google for "OTRS development")
- wait for companies or developers to answer your offering in this forum
- look in the forum for companies and developers


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Rex Moughan
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Re: OTRS Development

Post by Rex Moughan »

I had taken this service from few companies. In that KTree was the best service provider for OTRS Helpdesk Integration.
In our business relation with KTree, it has given the best available combination of applications and software which leverages the performance of enterprise and consulting on various open source projects for OTRS Helpdesk Integration at cost effective prices. It also provides OTRS and Zenoss Integration, OpenNMS and OTRS Integration, OTRS and LDAP Server Integration and many more.
You can ask them for more information.
The details of that company for OTRS was OTRS integration.

KTree Computer Solutions Inc,
213 Main Street,
Wilmington, MA.01887.
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Fax : 978-824-2364
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Re: OTRS Development

Post by opgk »

Regarding OTRS Development - shortly -> http://www.opgk.rzeszow.pl/?q=otrs-helpdesk-0 - great team of OTRS consultants with a great knowledge in that field. - I strongly recommend.

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Re: OTRS Development

Post by aleezysam »

We have been using OTRS for a couple of years and would like to make a few small changes. For example change the time units, modify the dashboard, unlock tickets/change priority without being the owner....

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Re: OTRS Development

Post by reneeb »

I would suggest to send some email to one of the following companies (no specific order):

* c.a.p.e IT (http://cape-it.de)
* Perl-Services.de (http://perl-services.de)
* i-cron (http://i-cron.de/)
* Znuny (http://znuny.com)
* Maxence (http://maxence.de)
* OTRS AG (http://otrs.com)
* einraumwerk (http://einraumwerk.de)
* http://www.opgk.rzeszow.pl/?q=otrs-helpdesk-0
* SectorNord
* KTree
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Re: OTRS Development

Post by schorschi »

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Re: OTRS Development

Post by proclarify »

Proclarify Consulting provides the following OTRS Services.

OTRS Consulting Services
OTRS Custom Theme Design
OTRS Custom Development
OTRS Integration Services
OTRS Custom Add-on Development
OTRS Managed Support
OTRS Upgrade Services
OTRS Training Services


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