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OTRS Consultant

Post by skydiver » 25 Aug 2016, 22:44

Have an existing http://www.jumpbox.com/app/otrs OTRS 3.2.10 instance running in Amazon. We use this for our internal support accors 20 restaurants

We would like consultant services for the following items:
- Upgrade our instance to the latest production version of OTRS
- Configure our Postmaster to not allow tickets to be closed under that queue
- Configure customer ticket response to allow assigning the ticket to a queue from the response dialog
- Configure ticket responses to require selection of at least one item in a custom field list before the ticket response can be completed.
- Configure our instance to be able to fully administer tickets via one of the iOS or Android apps including viewing/opening attachments to tickets
- Assist with automatic escalation of tickets
- Setup SLA level rules and reporting
- Assist with custom creation of reports to track agent and Helddesk support department performance
- Custom reports to track
- Activate SSO access to the portal to our Windows Server 2012 Active Directory
- Allow our SSO users to open tickets via an app

Qualified OTRS consultants please PM me for contact information. Please be prepare to provide references.


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Re: OTRS Consultant

Post by jojo » 25 Aug 2016, 22:53

Hi Scott,

some of your requirements are contradictory.

You contact my sales team via sales@otrs.com. I suggest to switch to a fully managed solution
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Re: OTRS Consultant

Post by alexus » 09 Sep 2016, 23:04

Hello Scott,

If you are still need a solutions for your tasks please contact us via sales@radiantsystem.com. You can visit our free demo - http://demo.radiantsystem.com
Alexey Yusov

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