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looking for OTRS consultant

Post by actarusvb » 27 Aug 2014, 09:41


we are looking for individual consultant to start & support a new OTRS from scratch (and maybe also import data from other old TT system).

We are based in North Italy (Turin area), but anyone in our timezone can help via remote.

We need customization and fine tuning (base installation could be done by us).

Thanks for attention.


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Re: looking for OTRS consultant

Post by wurzel » 27 Aug 2014, 14:08


try sales@otrs.com - they are covering italy.

there are more like cape it, znuny (may be more...?)

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    Re: looking for OTRS consultant

    Post by reneeb » 27 Aug 2014, 15:05

    A more complete list can be found at viewtopic.php?f=104&t=8247
    Perl / OTRS development: http://perl-services.de
    Free OTRS add ons from the community: http://opar.perl-services.de
    Commercial add ons: http://feature-addons.de

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    Re: looking for OTRS consultant

    Post by proclarify » 24 Oct 2014, 17:52

    Proclarify is one of the leading consulting firms in ITSM industry. We work with major service management vendors to address the problems which our clients are facing in their businesses with significant, transparent and efficient approach.

    Our consultants are ITIL Certified and have profound experience in ITSM solutions so our clients can be assured that they are working with experts who are focused on meeting their business needs, driving operational excellence, and maximizing returns from technology investments.

    We have successfully provided ITSM and OTRS Consulting services to many clients in multiple verticals spread across countries like Germany, Austria, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Greece, Belgium, India, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.

    Our OTRS Service portfolio includes the following

    OTRS Consulting Services
    OTRS Custom Theme Design
    OTRS Custom Development
    OTRS Integration Services
    OTRS Custom Add-on Development
    OTRS Upgrade Services
    OTRS Managed Support Services
    OTRS Administrator Training

    Request a no-obligation call and discover what OTRS can do for your Service Business !!

    Alex. J
    Principal Consultant
    Proclarify Consulting
    Email: alex@proclarify.com

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