Tasks with reminder status

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Tasks with reminder status

Postby zionlook » 15 Mar 2018, 17:44

Good afternoon, please help.
In OTRS, there is a queue in which Escalation is configured - update time (minutes) = 1440.
Everything works fine, if during this time there is no update on the application, then it goes into an escalation.
But there are problems with the following:
1) if you translate such an application into a reminder, when the reminder term is suitable, the application remains in the status of "waiting for a reminder" and because of this, the escalation triggers for updating are not included.
The application simply weighs and weighs in the status of "waiting for a reminder", pending another -N d.

Where to dribble, that the application would come out of the reminder and the triggers on the escalation would be restarted?

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