Set Pending without being ticket owner

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Set Pending without being ticket owner

Postby gapas » 17 Feb 2017, 12:51


I'd like to be able to set a ticket pending without being the ticket owner. So actually I'm going to the ticket, set me as owner, set the ticket pending, and then set the owner to the previous ticketowner.

It would be great if I'd be able to set the ticket pending even if I'm not the owner.

I found this forum entry:

So I thought about the "" but this file es empty.

Does anybody know where I can change this things so that everyone is able to set a ticket to pending ;) ?

Many Thanks,

By the way: we are running OTRS version 4.0.14

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Re: Set Pending without being ticket owner

Postby root » 17 Feb 2017, 14:48

Check the SysConfig for Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketPending###RequiredLock
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